Gaslighting-    A manipulation tactic where an abuser distorts what actually happened to get
                        another person to doubt themselves.

                        The confusion from gaslighting is used to gain power and control in a relationship.

                        Gaslighting is often done when an abuser crosses another person's boundaries,     
                        then uses verbal manipulation to justify themselves and confuse the person.

Narcissism-    A personality disorder where a self-centered, arrogant person feeds their own ego
                       while lacking empathy and consideration for other people's feelings and       

                       A  person with narcissism is often called a narcissist.

                      Narcissists need admiration, possess a sense of entitlement, and can be very

                      Narcissists have a tendency to prey on sincere, genuine people. A narcissist can     
                      blend well into society, but use material possessions, the abuse of others, and an
                      artificial environment to feed their ego.

Neglect-       When a caregiver fails to properly tend to another person's emotional,
                    physical, or mental needs. Neglect can be caused by a lack of financial resources,
                    laziness, mental problems, or because the caregiver never learned to care for

                    Considering the intention behind neglect is important when deciding how to proceed.

Boundaries-  A personal limit you don't let others cross. This limit can be verbal, physical,
                     emotional, or psychological. 

                     Healthy boundaries provide safety in a relationship. Boundaries help decide when
                     it's appropriate to stay in or leave a relationship.

Healing-      The process of wounds diminishing, pain turning into strength, and living in line    
                     with your core self. Healing can bring temporary pain, but positive, long-term

                    Your brain has a way of healing in a reasonable way at a healthy pace.

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