Where are people's most valuable traits?

Buried behind layers of confusion.

Every time a person makes a short-term choice for instant gratification, a layer of who they aren't shields their valuable inner fruit.

The forward progress of a long-term goal smolders away those layers, forcing you to understand yourself.

The first place for someone who doesn't know where to start: Concentrate on your life and find a positive, almost irresistible energy source inside you.

Then make as many choices towards or for that energy source as possible.

It'll become your baby, but first let it be your embryo.

You can use that energy source to move towards the fruit that will ooze out your most valuable juice.

Find it, squeeze it, and let it drip onto your life like Baloo the Bear when he drinks from a beehive.

Each peeled-back layer will expose emotional blocks that represent trapped bodies of negative energy.

Emotional blocks are tied together from the inside--invisible to the lens of the outside--like cables connecting a group of ducks' feet.

Tony Robbins says change happens in an instant.

He's right, but you arrive at the point-of-change via baby steps.

Step. Step. Small decision. Step. New thoughts. Step. Setting boundaries with others. Step. Fresh energy. Step. The first taste of new emotions.

Then bam! A roller coaster of human energy explodes from the ascent it just climbed.

Be one with God via the flow.

Let nature's power release its beauty.

A spastic release is not wrong!

Take off your shirt, expose an insecurity, and say, "This is me, world! Fuck you!"

There is no high like a human release caused by honest baby steps.

The momentum will annihilate the barricades that were littered with the graffiti of someone else.

"Get beautiful with me, world!"

"I don't want to be a simp of stale emotions anymore!"

"Forward progress and a rearrangement of myself are the answer."

Set boundaries with people who abuse you.

Who want you locked in imbalanced relationships where they do all the talking.

Who are violent with themselves through passive aggressive patterns.

Boundaries are the train tracks of a new energy flow.

You deserve an energy that you can't hold back.

It came to you through concentration and baby steps.

You fed it through difficult human decisions.

You protected and enhanced it through boundaries and risking loneliness.

Now you can't hold it back.

It's smeared war paint, dripping into your mouth.

The taste has no equal.

Cough out the hairball of your jumbled fears and let nature's chemicals occupy its void.

People will laugh, but they want it. They want to stand on tables and yell,

"This is me, world! I'm my own dad! You want some of this?! You know you do! Wooo!"

Find that energy source and treat it like it's the ticket to a new life.

Because it is.

-An energy source

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