I'm Not Afraid...

July 28, 2020


I'm not afraid of running out of money. I'm not afraid of my small business being affected in the long-term. I'm not afraid of Coronavirus itself. 


I'm afraid of emotional abuse. Of being stripped of my emotional independence. Of regulating myself while trying to defend it. 


There's the sentiment: "I'm afraid of Corona, so you have to be afraid of Corona. And if you're anything but afraid, you're wrong. Because I'm afraid."


No, I get to be brave. 


I can agree to the overall protocols while feeling whatever emotion I want. 


If it was certain we were all going to die from Corona, and I chose to die being happy, it feels like the Chicken Littles would be pissed that I chose to die in an emotional state different than theirs. 


I have the right to my point-of-view, interpretation, and emotional state. 


How much am I going to have to defend these as things reopen? 


How many boundaries will I have to set? 


Which battles will I fight and which will I let slide? 


If I need to find a real piece of news, how much am I going to have to be emotionally abused by the media to find it? 


How much will I have to wade in the mindset of the masses to get through this? 


No, I'm not an island. The world affects me. But I get to rise above the sea of untamed emotions and conjure up my own emotion states based off what's best for me. 


That's what leaders do. 



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