Warm Gravy

I'm obsessed with putting a small pencil sharpener, a mini stapler, an eraser, and a pack of Post-it Notes in a little box and taking it with me to the coffee shop where I write.

I look around my bedroom office and I'm noticing something different: books are neatly stacked, broken pencils are being used, and a baggie of loose staples is shrinking.

I'm absolutely obsessed with the energizing feeling I'm getting from everything around me being used to its highest and best use.

I took a lot of risk for 10 years. Life became a messy jungle. I'd chomp away at the tree of opportunity and now, as I come out of the jungle, I'm carrying branches of projects that could be something.

The focus from the Grind-ies Challenge is turning those branches into layers where everything is finding its usefulness. Suddenly, things are making sense.

What if this is how it works? Dive in, survive the messiness, and

the chunks of what you did but didn't know why become a layer.

I can't express the invigorating high I have inside.

I recommend to continue on with your creative pursuits until you find that energizing core. After that, things get a lot easier.

Ride through and let your conditioned self break its crust like a crumbling pot pie.

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