Day 28: Energy and Focus

The Grind-ies are the gravelly, down and dirty, mentally painful, zero-to-something thinking, learning, and producing that it takes to create something of your own. The Grind-ies Challenge is a 30-day pursuit to enter the Grind-ies mindset on a regular basis and document the experience.

Are you looking for something that will give you natural energy and focus? Something that will make reading easier and running less painful?

Well, try quinoa seeds.

Okay, infomercial over.

But it's true. I first discovered quinoa in Born to Run, the well-written book about a recluse group of elite runners called the Tarahumara, and the organization of an ultra marathon in their Northern Mexico community.

I swallowed a few spoonfuls and felt unexpectedly alert in minutes yesterday. I just thought I was going to be able to run more. I didn't know this source of long-lasting carbs was also full of nutrients that would improve my focus.

I mean, my brain seemed stronger, healthier.

Maybe it's just me or perhaps I ate too many. Either way, something happened.

My body did have more energy on my run today, too.

It felt like it gave my brain a boost, making things that require mental strength, like reading and running, easier.

I don't know how I feel about using quinoa for anything other than a source of long-lasting carbs. It seems a little snake-oil-salesy to use it for alertness.

I'll stick with the discipline of the Grind-ies for focus and energy.

Day 28

Time in the Grind-ies: 3 hours, 0 minutes

Projects: reading about technical writing, making presentation materials for my recess program

How I felt afterward: Alert, focused, hungry

Day 29

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