Day 21: Kent and Moms

The Grind-ies are the gravelly, down and dirty, mentally painful, zero-to-something thinking, learning, and producing that it takes to create something of your own. The Grind-ies Challenge is a 30 day pursuit to enter the Grind-ies mindset on a regular basis and document the experience.

I felt it brewing last night; that need for selfish creative time to produce something original.

It incubated last night then hatched this morning in the form of Kent.

Kent was the faux editor of a fictional lifestyle magazine I made from 2007 to 2010.

Kent was a douche. Maybe a douch-y extension of me. If I'm a little douche, Kent is a big douche.

His voice really developed during that time. His column became the most fun to write and read.

Well, it came back in the form of a piece about how you might want your grilled cheese. I was aching for that wild, unhinged writing.

Then I worked on an interview for my mom blog. I interview moms about their experiences and leadership skills.

I began the mom blog because I noticed it was a big topic that doesn't get much notice and because I want to enter the local birthday party market.

I realized after today's efforts that mothering is very selfless and emotional. In a way, it's a person giving their life to this new being.

And it's complicated. The mom I worked with today was honest about her highs and lows. It's such a big role done by a human being; mistakes are made and life keeps going. I've learned it's a process in and of itself to deal with moving forward.

It made me feel kind of selfish. Here I am, documenting my efforts, my drive. For who? Myself pretty much. It made me want to use my skills to benefit others.

That was a good thought to have.


I'm ghost.

Day 21

Time in the Grind-ies: 2 hours, 0 minutes

Project: Mom blog

How I felt afterward: Thoughtful. Pensive. Redirected.

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