Day 9

The Grind-ies are the gravelly, down and dirty, mentally painful, zero-to-something thinking, learning, and producing that it takes to create something of your own. The Grind-ies Challenge is a 30 day pursuit to enter the Grind-ies mindset on a regular basis and document the experience.

Focus is honesty in action.

It's powerful enough to redirect rivers of water.

It's the chomp that loosens new ideas; it's the force that bears progress; it's the momentum that uproots emotional blocks.

Being drunk-tired from weary growth.

Those results. That progress. That feeling of accomplishment.

All we can do is surrender.

Disciplined focus directs my vessel.

Internal honesty flows through my veins like blue blood.

When it mixes with action, its oxygen, red liquid spills across the projects that advance my endeavors despite any short-term sting.

My action invites the Universe's spotlight to energize my internal compass.

I'm rattled like a baby's toy and realigned like a chiropractor's patient.

My head can rest, my eyes can relax, my chest can release.

"I did it exactly what you wanted me to."

The Universe gives us the spark, we humainze it, it guides us.

Day 9

Time in the Grind-ies: 4 hours, 35 minutes

Projects: editing an entry for a future Mom blog post, updating my profile on freelance websites, submitting freelance proposals, working on a work-for-hire gig

How I felt afterward: Completely exhausted. Like someone grabbed my insides and squeezed out every drop of usefulness from each wrung of my projects.

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