Day 8: Veggies

The Grind-ies are the gravelly, down and dirty, mentally painful, zero-to-something thinking, learning, and producing that it takes to create something of your own. The Grind-ies Challenge is a 30 day pursuit to enter the Grind-ies mindset on a regular basis and document the experience.

The Grind-ies Challenge is forcing my discipline towards what I'm supposed to do, not necessarily what I want do.

I want to hide myself in long-term projects, like books and education programs.

That way, I can tell myself I'm creating without being rejected or critiqued for a long time.

But instead it's directed me towards freelance and work-for-hire gigs.

I don't know how I feel about this.

I got one work-for-hire gig last week. It's moving along well.

Since then, I've explored more freelance gigs and today I submitted 4 proposals and reached out to an editor of a local publication.

That's not where I thought the Grind-ies would take me.

This mini-path started with organizing my blog content and linking everything together, which revealed an urge to use my material to its highest and best capabilities.

I'm being forced to have several, small breakthroughs towards projects that could give me a return and actually help me, not just things that make me feel like I did something.

Ugh. It's like a dad inside me, telling me what to do because "he knows what's best."

I don't like it one bit. Freelance proposals and contributing writer inquiries over my dope ass creative projects?


Maturity makes me admit that it's scary because it could change my life. This action is the missing building block that could connect the links floating in my world.

Growth is stretching from within me like a rubber band between your thumb and pointer finger.

Organizing creativity. Discipline. Growth. It's like I just ate 5, clean meals of protein and veggies, but wanted trail mix and dried mangos drenched in sugary syrup.

But those results, though.

Day 8

Time in the Grind-ies: 4 hours

Projects: work-for-hire gig, posted a new blog about the skills of a mom, submitted proposals, made a worksheet to organize proposals and contacts

How I felt afterward: Like it was a hard, honest day's work of exactly what I needed to do.

Day 9

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