Day 6

The Grind-ies are the gravelly, down and dirty, mentally painful, zero-to-something thinking, learning, and producing that it takes to create something of your own. The Grind-ies Challenge is a 30 day pursuit to enter the Grind-ies mindset on a regular basis and document the experience.

I drank coffee late yesterday and wasn't able to get to sleep last night. I woke up without being fully rested and it affected my time in the Grind-ies.

Damn it.

I mean, I was still in for over 3 hours, but it wasn't a powerhouse day like yesterday.

This probably would have been a day I would've taken off if not for this challenge.

This endeavor is balancing out my life. The creative boulder in my world is rolling over to the money slice of my life pie instead of being wedged in the void of my relationship life.

I'm okay with this.

I don't know about you, but for a long time my creative motivation protected me from what I wasn't ready for. It balanced out a block. I struggled to connect with others, but I could attach to the world I'd created. I've healed and that energy is no longer needed for overcompensation.

My bond to the Grind-ies calms me, gives me a security I didn't have before—new emotions rise.

I invite others to go on a intrapersonal journey where they explore and rewire themselves. It's not that bad and it's definitely worth it.

Day 6

Projects: work-for-hire gig, organizing this blog, exploring Twitter

Time in the Grind-ies: 3 hours, 8 minutes

How I felt afterward: I wanted more out of today, but I'm not beating myself up. Going to rest and have a mighty day tomorrow.

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