20 Random Things During Quarantine

1. No more world news.

2. Inner discipline feels great.

3. This is the moment introverts have been training for.

4. A life driven by intrinsic values is fulfilling but people

can be mean.

5. I love smoothies but they use a lot of yogurt.

6. Why do I get so much pleasure from touching my face?

7. Does Instagram make people happy?

8. Nothing happens when I work my brain past those

points of tension.

9. Eating Trail Mix with a spoon isn't that weird.

10. Netflix is too much for me. I feel like I'm in a candy store,

overwhelmed by sugar.

11. Real friends reach out.

12. Can we make adults take and pass yearly classes on

critical thinking and emotional management?

13. Psychological healthy humans are beautiful specimens that

should be imitated.

14. Fulfillment is worth everything it takes.

15. Chips and salsa are so good.

16. Is it going to be savage-like or slow and steady when

things reopen?

17. Life is just a series of choices, like all those adults said.

18. Do early relationships get in people's way of living

their dreams?

19. I wonder how extroverts are dealing with this. Should introverts

reach out?

20. Nurses have always been incredible. They walk into a room and

light things up when you most it.

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