I've noticed...

"Life, not work itself, is the real work of life."

-This guy named Neal

I've noticed my blog gets more hits when I write really personal stuff. I want to dazzle you with my wordplay, rhymes, syllable alignment, and creativity, but the market is often right.

Lately, I've become more of a marketer than a writer, and I guess, as hard as it is to accept, that I can write and market my own life experiences. Not market in exchange for money necessarily, but in exchange for...learning and teaching.

I've had a life! I've been through some really unique exerenices. I had a rare form of OCD when I was little where I had uncontrollable thoughts about religious figures and would have to pray wherever I was to "wash away" the thoughts. I was celibate for 6 years in my 20s. I have two employees on payroll but serve tables for my own personal money at night. I was born in a small town in Iowa to an odd family dynamic but also with the traits and skills to be a creative entrepreneur. I'd written 4 books by the time I was 34.

I used to think I could just sit back, write, and get paid. Ha! What a lie that was. The universe wants me out there: meeting people and being a presence but to also write. Hmm....

So I guess the next step is to write more personal stuff about myself. It's the kind of material people check and read but don't ask me about when they see me. Mixed feelings about this...but I'll most likely do it.

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