Will You?

A child questions a decision

the busyness

a beehive in their deep minds

Which path will become their map?

Their sky is beyond tree lines, but only one life, not nine

can’t be scared like felines

The universe sees farthest

Its got your back like a net to a trapeze artist

An energy lashes out, branches sprout

choices made

It’s a jungle, a jumble, a tundra, a tunnel

Will you make choices where the sun’ll

shine on your bright mind?

Or will instant pleasure undo your vivid endeavors?

I beg you through words to surrender

Stuntin’ in Jordans (gets me likes)

or just


your authentic steps the pace of a tortoise


Now you’re in a tornado, you didn’t listen to me

You never pledged to yourself


The mothers of the earth

wonder where you’ll be

when you finally say,

“I have worth”

As a teen? A parent? No longer a physical?

You on a genuine path is indivisible

Because if humans knew their worth

riots of ecstasy would never cease

A smile stretched across the world’s hemisphere as its centerpiece

You, child, have worth

Through the choices you’ve made, I promise, you still do

Let go of the pain, it’s rotting like mildew

I beg you, please

Will you?

2020 Socially Acceptable, LLC