Responding to the World Problems of Recess

One week into Cool Kids’ Recess—here’s how we’re responding to recess’s most pressing challenges:

1. Every spider is a Black Widow.

2. "How did you get your foot tangled in the soccer net?"

3. "Alright, boys and girls, we lost 2 jump ropes on the first day. How did this happen?"

4. If kindergarteners take too long to eat, 3rd graders don't get their full recess. I mean...

5. "I can't be the only shark in Sharks and Minnows."

6. "I don't know. Do you think dragonflies are poisonous?"

7. "Please don't throw pinecones."

8. I've tied more shoes in one week than I did in all of 1988.

9. "It's from the 4th grade girls--they made a giant bird's nest out of pine needles."

10. "Walking! We're walking to recess!"

11. "What if we held up signs with the names of the kindergarten

teachers on them and had the kids line up that way?"

"Brandon, they can't read yet."

"Oh yeah."

13. "Your teacher is eating her lunch. She needs a lunch, too, right?"

14. There are 3 certainties of life: death, taxes, and elementary recess.

15. "Balls to a coach!"

Kids--our civilization's most precious resource. The warmth behind their curiosity and innocence is the sparkle of the human spirit.

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