A Good Breakup

"We're done. It's over. Time to move on." These words (whether spoken out loud or in our heads) shouldn't only pertain to the end of a relationship with a lover; these words can be directed toward friends, jobs, eras, etc.

Why not?

Have you ever had that friend who's trying to move on from something--it's obvious they're in a stale situation--but they keep talking themselves into staying? You, as the friend, are mentally yelling, "Move on! You've outgrown it! It's over!"

Whether we stay in those situations or leave says a lot about how the upcoming events unfold.

Do we talk ourselves into saying due to fear? Do we resist the transition and make it more emotional? Or do we recognize we're no longer benefiting from the relationship and make a clean break?

I want you to consider the clean break. Why not? What does the lingering phase do? Allow ourselves to justify staying? No way, Jose. I'm out as soon as my emotions say the reciprocity is no longer even.

It's easier said than done, but the emotional payoff is worth it. We know when the honest part of our brain is telling us to leave, and we can trust it. We can make that mental decision then guide our actions to get us out as soon as we morally can.

Boom. Done. That sigh of relief feels like a weight off our psyche. New, refreshing emotions flood in. Ahh...yes, it's over. What's next for me?

We don't owe the other person/entity anything. We're not hurting their feelings. It's probably over for them too.

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