The Grandma Commercial Shoot

On Saturday, May 4th, at a wedding venue called Virginia's House, two actresses, a camera crew and I shot a commercial where a grandma gives her granddaughter a life skills book I wrote.

It was one of the greatest moments of my life.

There was an overwhelmingly positive vibe that brought out the best in everyone.

Gabe, the cameraman, was determined to get the best shot every time.

Petey and Janae, the actresses, hit every mark and gave each take the exact emotion needed.

The crew members brought their top game, too. They were professional and did anything to make the project better.

The crew bonded to make something special. Thank you for being you and hanging in there with your talent.

What do I say? What can I say? This shimmer of success brings new responsibilities. Brandon Mullan, the human being born in 1983, is having a life moment, but Brandon, the organizer, has to maintain the project's spirit and intention as it heads to the next level.

In a way, that's the swap: I get a peak experience in exchange for more responsibilities.

Well, Brandon, Mr. Smarty-Pants Author, when you put it like that it makes sense.

It does. That arrangement lies in everything. You have the baby, you have to do the work of raising it. You get married, you're giving a portion of your life to someone else.

You shoot a commercial for the life skills book you wrote during a period of heavy personal growth, you have to continue the work that plants the seeds for the next level.

Just because my life moment is unconventional doesn't make it any less touching.

I can live with that.

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