Grandma Auditions

A couple weeks ago, I was selling books at a science fair when I asked the universe, "How can I capture the spirit of this book in a marketing campaign?"

The universe hit me back immediately.

Hold on. I feel odd not addressing the universe's swift response. I vehemently believe that if you act when the universe puts an idea in your mind, your relationship with the powers-that-be will strengthen. You can get to a point where you ask the universe a question and it responds instantly via a thought because it trusts you'll move on it.

Holler back to the story.

The universe replied with, "Brandon, your book is something a grandmother would give their grandkid."

"That's it," I yelled in my mind. "I need to create a campaign where a grandma gives a copy of this book to their 20-something grandkid. The book is a grandma-ish gift you'd initially roll your eyes at, but later, when life hits you in the gut, you'd appreciate it."

Get at me.

I wrote a commercial script where, well, you'll just have to wait.

Then I put out an audition notice for 70-year-old and 20-year-old actresses.

The response was strong and I held auditions this past Saturday at Scottsdale's Civic Center Library.

It was encouraging to see the actresses bring the words to life, but they carried with them a vibe of "there aren't many projects out there."

Just because pounding the pavement is part of the process doesn't make it any less cruel. Several of them were good and deserve more work!

Don't get me started. But, I will say, it felt good to offer creative opportunities, including for the storyboard artist.

We'll shoot in early May and hopefully have it out as a Youtube

pre-roll by graduation season.

Look out, Dr. Seuss. Oh, the Places You'll Go is getting challenged.

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