The Role of a Genuine Person

Please don't ask me to go to a party with my peers or make me socialize with more than 3 people at a time. The thought of people standing around and using their phone's latest feature as social currency makes me want to cry. "This can't be what the world is."

But why should that prevent you from going to the party? You're a genuine person who's confident with who you are. You're secure with your interests, choices, and lifestyle, and how you broadcast them.

I mean, I give it a good shot.

Then why do "those people" make you avoid things?

It's the stomach ache. It's the self-talk of, "It's going to be okay," then walking in and getting hit with, "Oh, this is what it is?"

Your point-of-view isn't wrong. But what could you do? You can't avoid life forever.

You can't?

No. You're a beam of positive light, filled with beauty and you're letting people who haven't cleared themselves of their emotional gunk stand in your way of connections.

Well, when you put it like that... What should I do?

Could we look at this from a different point-of-view? You're the beacon of light that will let other people drop their guard and be more of themselves. Yeah, the bro dogs are gonna snicker to dismiss the attractiveness of your personality. Sure, the

wanna-bes are going to chuckle to avoid the "it's-okay-to-be-yourself" dart your presence just threw at them.

But all those people secretly want what you have. They wish for the courage to be themselves. They want the long-term fulfillment that's earned from discounting acceptance when making major decisions. They wish they could make choices from their core self and enter that upward cycle of life.

They do?

Yes. The greatest thing you can do is share yourself with them. After their chuckles and glances get no reaction, their exposed void will welcome your light. A bit of you will soothe their thought of the time they tried to be themselves but were made fun of. A memory of them at their purest will enter their minds.

On some level, they'll want to thank you someday.


Because you just gave them the greatest gift of human life: the permission for them to be who the universe designed them to be.

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