A Podcast Interview, but First Defeat

I'm all excited to post this podcast interview I did last week with Phoenix Business RadioX.

It turned out well. Of course I want you to hear it.

But then I say, "Why do I only post my accomplishments?"

Sometimes I go a week or two without posting. Those are the times I'm grinding away and dealing with a disappointment.

Should I post those too? Should any of us post those moments?

Why don't we? They're more relatable.

So a few nights ago I had a gig at Galvanize, an absolutely beautiful cooperative workspace in Phoenix.

22 people signed up via Meetup.com. 9 showed up. Grrr...

The presentation covered the self-discovery side of building a business.

Everyone in the class was engaged. They were taking notes and snapping photos. All good, right? Then the feedback came.

Some people really liked it, a bunch were in the middle, and few simply dismissed it.

Some of the feedback claimed there wasn't enough discussion. One person even said I wasn't charismatic.


"How could they do this to me?" I whisper-shouted as I got into my car. "I put my all into this!"

But you know what? Who cares when my feelings get hurt? This is the reality of what I signed up for and it's not always going to be pleasant.

I tried to talk myself into believing it wasn't my fault, but I finally conceded and accepted that it just didn't hit for everyone.

What else can I do except take the feedback and get better?

So, with that beings stated, let's get to the really cool interview I did with Phoenix Business RadioX.

Click here.

Things continue to move forward, despite, you know, my lack of charisma.

Thank you. I'll post again when something major happens. Ha. Just playing.

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