Yes! Africa Bound!

Because of a generous donor, we'll ship 10 books to a rural part of Cameroon, Africa tomorrow morning!

The country of Cameroon lies along the western coast of Africa, tucked at the neck of Africa's left-leaning head.

Mounchili Aoudou, leader of Rural Youth Development Council, will use the books in his youth leadership programs.

Now that Mounchili and his group have the book's baseline content, I'll email them corresponding curriculum on leadership, creativity, and agriculture.

Sub-Saharan Africa is ripe for an alternative form of education, especially as the country works through its growing pains, and mobilizes via agriculture and technology.

All is great, right? I'm doing this just because I'm a great person, right? Well, I genuinely like helping people, and supporting the social growth of a country REALLY excites me, but I'm a human being and I have a motive.

This allows me to create presentations (curriculum) from Entrepreneurship for the Cool Kids then market books and educational content as a package deal. I have to make Entrepreneurship for the Cool Kids a learning tool, and this is the first step.

The United States is already pretty developed. Education on how to build something from nothing is a harder sell here; at the very least it's going to take marketing dollars.

But...whether we want to admit it or not, America needs an educational redirection, which is no easy task.

Someone is benefiting from U.S. students not learning life skills, emotional health, entrepreneurship, selling, and financial management.

So...assembling complete programs of alternative content for other countries helps me build momentum as I continue to throw myself against that tightly-locked door of the American educational system.

So...that's the plan.

But really, inspiring others and benefiting human beings with this form of creativity is the real plan, and that's what we'll continue to do.


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