Shipping Books on Entrepreneurship to Africa

I connected with a community leader in the African country of Cameroon after this woman tweeted about Entrepreneurship for the Cool Kids. She runs a youth entrepreneurship program out of Israel.

Mounchili, the African leader, expressed interest in using Entrepreneurship for the Cool Kids for his youth leadership program.

Proceeds from this Gofundme campaign, along with the penny drive I started, will go towards shipping copies of Entrepreneurship for the Cool Kids/material on resourcefulness and agriculture to him and his community in Cameroon, Africa. Thanks to the Gofundme campaign, I have two of these set up in coffee shops around Phoenix:

Using the proceeds to ship material to Africa will allow others to make great use of the material while creating awareness locally. This fundraising campaign got off to a slow start, but I had a feeling a deeper meaning would find it. Your shares are just as valuable as your contributions.

Thank you. I appreciate everything.


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