Well, Gotta Start Somewhere

The art shows. The ComicCons. The presentations. One little slip. One immature idea. One bumbling pitch. Someone was there to say, "Well, you gotta start somewhere," in a tone that meant, "Good try but it's not working yet."

Well, I've been hearing a form of that statement again lately, but it's hitting me in a different way.

"With bigger companies, I have no problem doing that, but with someone like you, who's new, it's a bigger risk for me," a high-up dude at an established organization said to me Monday.

"Hmmm...." my mind searched for where I'd heard something like that before as I walked out of the building. Never mind that he lowkey rejected me, I was happy about something I couldn't immediately pinpoint.

I had plopped down my book on the conference room table, pitched him an idea, and he said, "This is how it really works and you're not there yet."

Nothing came of it immediately...

but he understood my message...

he saw what I was trying to to do...

and unlike the people who said things like that before, he was accepting me while letting me know that I had more mountains to climb before we'd have a tag team business relationship.

That was more than fine with me.

I walked out of that building happy about the thermometer of progress that had been revealed to me.

It was a familiar message, but with a different meaning, all thanks to progress.

Using grit and determination to flip the meaning of what they say about you is a great form of revenge.

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