One of Those Moments

I've been volunteering in St. Vincent de Paul's Dream Center on Mondays. They have us help the kids with their reading and homework.

"Hi, I'm Dorothy," an elderly woman with a warm grin announced as she vigorously shook my hand.

"Hey, I'm Brandon."

"I come down 3 times a week to help out."

"That's incredible. Yeah, this is really fun."

Her energy made my stomach flutter and lips curl upward.

Later that night, after I finished checking over a youngster's reading assignment, I spotted Dorothy hugging a child.

"Go get a book and let's read," she told him.

Dorothy sat a few chairs down from me, and the young man raced to the library.

Something told me to take in the moment as the kid ran back to Dorothy waving a paperback.

"Uh-oh, here comes Pete the Cat," she yelled in reference to the kid's selection as he saddled up next to her.

In that moment, nature gave me a snapshot of humanity's purest form of beauty as a lively woman in the December of her life shaped a 5-year-old's future by helping him read a book about a cat named Pete.

I didn't expect a reward for doing this, but I got one—a lifelong one.

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