Random Notes from a Growth-Filled Weekend

My birthday was Sunday. Cool. I went through the "Oh no, it's my birthday and I'm getting older" phase a few days prior, but just like with writing, the breakthroughs came later.

I started a Gofundme about a week ago to raise money for marketing Entrepreneurship for the Cool Kids. It didn't get any immediate donations, so I forgot about it. Low and behold, today I noticed deposits in my business account. Holy shizzle! People are donating?! Made my day. Thank you. Being super cautious with those resources.

I think a lot about why I'm this person. I'm a stereotypical lower middle class person. Why did I get the right mix of skills to output this material instead of someone more connected? Then I think about why I became a good person when being a negative person would've been easier. Conversely, why are there rich kids who are crappy people? Then I came up with this:

When you're a child of rich people you may not be their greatest output.

My dad is an abusive prick, but I was the greatest thing he created. Through the confusion and abuse, I felt that.

My mom is a woman from a small town in Iowa, but she'll sink her mommy claws into anyone who does me wrong. I feel that.

I don't have a college degree and this is my only shot at a modern, middle class life, but I'm two people's "greatest thing that ever happened to them." The confidence needed to make this happen? Pshhhhh....Breezy.

The rich kid may be second or third to their mom or dad's business or career. That would have an effect.

I never thought of it like that.

More randomness:

I heard Tony Robbins say, "There's a difference between a trip and a journey." He's right. You know where you're going on a trip. A journey? Who knows where that mother will take you.

But it makes me wonder about all those people who scream, "Constantly traveling," and "I love road trips," on social media and dating apps. I wonder why people are so obsessed with travel and trips. I like flying as much I should like flying. Sometimes I wonder if people use travel as a way to escape and act the way they wish they could all the time.

When I think about this topic, the words of my mom seep into my head, "Not everyone is like you, Brandon." Sometimes I want to be like, "Why? Why isn't my way of life more accepted?" Sure, I rejected most conventional things, like being a parent, buying a home, having a formal education, traditional dating, and having a modern lifestyle, but I'm a couple steps away from freedom. Was it worth it? HELL YES!

I'd say I'm digressing, but it's hard to digress when I never had an original point.

One more.

Life is offense and defense and life skills are the ultimate defense. The offense—college, making money, putting up a successful front to others—is jammed down our throats. But defense can be the best offense. The defense of life is exercising to avoid being sick, renewing your prescription before it expires, making a grocery list, and checking over your car. In the short-term, these defenses take up a bit more time and aren't as instantly fun, but they add up to massive time-savings in the long-term.

Those little life skills are the best offense and will take you farther than the offense that's sold to us.

All for now.

I'm outie like some belly buttons.

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