Keep Going

Do you know that your words will linger in my mind for years?

Do you know that someday I'll dry heave over a toilet as I grow past this maze of emotional garbage?

Every dad speaks to their son in a tone that makes them have a stomach ache in their chest, right?

Do you care that calling me unwanted makes me feel like bugs are crawling through my insides?

But are you aware that everyone responds to this attention differently?

Is it okay that someday I'll associate success with getting what you're not giving me?

Are you aware that I'll meet people who will prevent me from going down the dark path you're exposing to me?

Won't your efforts seem futile once their love influences me to go the brighter route?

What will become of this re-direction? Helping children do the same?

Do you understand how much I'll grow up and laugh at "challenges" after surviving this?

Could I be learning resiliency in a more powerful way?

I don't think so, do you?

What would be the point of letting fear stop me after this?

How does giving me unlimited perseverance make you feel?

That's your intent, right?

I guess I should thank you, shouldn't I?

The deeper you drill this poison, the higher the love will flow, deal?

So dad...will you keep going?

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