Dear 90s Babies,

We're living in a world where it seems like everyone is living a cooler life than you. But they're not. And if they are, they worked, sweated, and died for it, just like people have for all of human history.

You were born in a very confusing time. It wasn't always like this. Things used to be more wholesome; the work ethic behind an accomplishment was illustrated and celebrated.

Everyone goes through periods of depression. I totally get it. You used to have the structure of high school or college. Now you're searching for meaning. That's cool. Allow yourself that self-discovery. As you skin your knees, look for what you learned and keep going.

Accept that a lot of these things are a facade. Instagram, Snapchat, and Neflix don't really do anything for you in the long-term, but they eat up your time in the short-term. I'm not saying don't do them, but be aware that decisions have returns with time lapses.

Stop and think about all the things you've lived through. The digital boom, the Great Recession, the most confusing social landscape in human history, and the worst "if-you're-not-doing-this-by-a-certain-age-you're-a-loser" social pressure of all time.

You're doing fine. Just keep going.

Things take time and that's okay. Don't be one of those people who quit pursing their passion and now make bizarres excuses to justify their place in life. You're better than that. You have something that's unique to you—that only you can bring to the world. Be brave enough to show us who you truly are. I promise it'll be okay.

You're a beautiful, young human being with infinite potential. Your ideas and plans will work if you stick with them. And in the process, you'll experience the growth that brings out your best qualities.

Be proud of who you are. You're unique. I remember 1991. People used to say, "It's the 90s, everything is changing! Get with the scene!" And it was changing. There were special babies being born. And you're one of them.


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