How Action Releases Insecurities

There are times on this journey when I'm gentle and understanding when I hear, "I don't know how to do what I want to do with my life." There are other times when I want to yell, "Take action! There's no secret. You just start! Right now! Tonight! In your room! In your garage! Go do it!"

Sure, action works, but it's not what causes a direct result.

Action increases our self-worth and the improvement of our self-worth allows in what we're taking action towards. In other words, action leads to a higher self-worth and a higher self-worth leads to rewards.

But to increase our self-worth we have to be honest—brutally honest about our deeply held beliefs that are holding insecurities in place.

Right before we get what we've been working towards our self-worth increases by our brain saying something like, "Maybe I am worth it. I just didn't think I was because of that time my dad said I'd never amount to anything but that was his issue." Boom. The insecurity leaves and every belief that holds it in place shifts.

The chain of beliefs that hold the insecurity in place can get crazy!

Let's break down a chain of beliefs:

I ask myself, "Why am I not getting what I'm working towards in my career?"

Since I'm taking action, my brain, brazenly honest, whispers to me, "Your weird views on socioeconomic class are getting in the way of meeting people who can help."

Whoa! There might be some truth to that.

"Well, why do I have these weird views on socioeconomic class?" "To justify not having a girlfriend," my annoyingly honest brain whispers. Whoa? What? I didn't realize those things were tied together. Career not working is connected to my socioeconomic obsession and my weird class fixation is connected to not having a girlfriend? Crazy.

Okay. "Well, why don't I have a girlfriend?" "Because your mom was needy so now you think relationships are overwhelming."

Holy shit. They're all connected. Career to weird class views to not having a girlfriend to mommy issues. Unclogging my mommy issues will domino a chain of mental shifts that will improve my career.

It's ugly but now it's gone. Forever.

Thanks, action.

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