Your Socioeconomic Status

Your socioeconomic status isn't determined by your level of education.

Your socioeconomic status is determined by how long you can work at something before you need a return—how long you can build your venture until you pull that "cash out" lever.

The humans at the lower end of our economic scale have to use their resources, including time, to get what they need right now.

Middle class people are most likely in a position to make it through paycheck cycles with some free time during the day.

But people at the highest economic level made it through everything it took to delay the payoff of their endeavor until the rewards reached a peak. It had nothing to do with their parents, if they went to USC, or their political views.

And guess what? The tools to delay gratification are already in you.

Delaying gratification looks like this:

-Investing the profits of a fix and flip into a down payment for a buy and hold.

-Putting more effort into your passion so it can serve a purpose for others.

-Using your time to develop a new skill, such as sales, marketing, or computer programming.

But delaying gratification begins like this:

Delaying gratification is about how comfortable you are with yourself. If you always need something (clothes, more ketchup from the server, social acceptance) to feel comfortable, your time will be used on filling that void in the short-term, despite who you are or where you're from.

Conversely, if you can produce your own fun, security, fulfillment, and pleasure from within, you'll need very little from the outside world, leaving plenty of time for long-term goals. Perseverance, resiliency, problem-solving, and resourcefulness can be developed, no matter who you are.

Begin by saying throughout the day, "This is what I'm doing. It's fun. I don't need anything else." Internal fulfillment will build like a muscle. Pretty soon, needing less will clear a path for long-term opportunities and goals.

Delay gratification and rise up that socioeconomic scale.

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