8 Reasons to not be Afraid of Therapy

"I find it interesting you took the time to look up the Fuck Truck."

All I could do was smirk. Kaitlyn, my educated peer and trusty therapist for 2.5 years, graduated from Wellesley, a prestigious

women's college outside of Boston, before pursuing her PhD at ASU.

I crossed paths with her while she was working at a therapy clinic that allowed the public to see a student therapist for $50.

"I read about it in a Rolling Stones article."

The Wellesley College Senate Bus, also known as the Fuck Truck, is a shuttle that transports college students from Wellesley to MIT to Harvard. You know the beginning of The Social Network when Zuckerberg is hacking into all the databases? Well, remember those alternate scenes showing a bunch of women on a bus headed to a Harvard party? That's the Fuck Truck.

Kaitlyn—a staunch professional—gave me no info about this infamous bus, but she did help me change my life.

1. Good therapists don't judge you.

Yeah, the good ones aren't putting a judgement on what you tell them.

2. Therapy doesn't have to be expensive.

After the first year, Kaitlyn went to another clinic that allowed me to pay on a sliding scale. Does your city have a college? If so, they probably have student therapists.

3. Therapy allows your friends to be your friends and your mate to be your mate.

Life can get complex. There are times when friends, family members, and lovers don't know what we're going through. A therapist can fill that void and help other relationships maintain their proper reciprocity.

4. Therapy can remind you what healthy relationships are. Maybe your boyfriend is a douche, your girlfriend a bitch. A healthy therapeutic relationship can remind you of the proper boundaries and expectations of any relationship.

5. You're probably not going to fall in love with your therapist like we see in entertainment.

A good therapist can recognize and deflate "bubbling energy" in a second.

6. Therapy allows you to change a bunch of small habits that add up to a big difference.

Projecting. Splitting. Prejudging. Society would be completely different if all adults knew these things.

7. Therapy is the closest thing we have to a life handbook.

Our lives are made up of our decisions. Sometimes we don't even know why we're making the choices we make. Therapy peels back those motives and exposes them to us. New decisions are the result.

8. Going to therapy doesn't mean you're crazy or a wuss.

It just means you need to sort stuff out or receive one of the other benefits therapy brings. That's it. People who make fun, well, I don't know what their problem is, but who cares?

Being pro-therapy for years, I've heard countless people say things like, "It'd feel so good to have someone listen and not judge me."

If you feel it'll help, go for it.

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