How to Get Over an Emotional Block

What are emotional blocks?

Emotional blocks are experiences we've buried within ourselves because dealing with the experience when it happened was too painful.

How are emotional blocks held in place?

Emotional blocks are held in place by beliefs that are simply not true (delusion).

How do I get over an emotional block?

Admit that one of your false beliefs isn't true. Then take new action—action you couldn't take when you were carrying the false belief.

Then repeat.

Will this hurt?

New action will force you to feel the original experience but in a safe and managed way.

What will happen?

Any fear of the original event will shrink and allow you to do whatever you were avoiding. Any feelings associated with the original event will eventually leave your memory and unclog from your emotions.

To recap

Think of delusional beliefs as a fence around the barking dog you're afraid of. Admitting that the fence isn't real allows you to knock it down and take action you couldn't take when the fence was up. New behavior will allow you to realize that the dog isn't that scary. Eventually the mean dog will be nice to you or disappear.

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