Hey, it's me. Can we talk?

Hey Creative Projects,

It's a...me, Brandon. Yeah. I...um...have something I need to get off my chest. Don't worry it's not like that, well, let's just talk.

This is hard.

I first met you at my grandma Mary Jane's house. I must have been 3 or so. Her house was a creative workshop. Puzzles, books, and authentic toys that stretched my imagination and problem-solving skills were everywhere. She taught me new ways to write, she read me stories, and she made me play piano.

My mom jokes about how Mary Jane would "pull me by the ear" and make me do creative stuff. The other day my mom said, "I think she saw something in you." I was like, "Wait, she didn't make all the grandkids do that?" "No, she didn't."

Remember the early magazine days back in 2007? It was just an 8-page flyer back then. I didn't even use InDesign. Remember how I'd print out 8 separate pages and tape them together in the way it was supposed to be laid out? The people at Alpha Graphics would laugh at me. But I took those printed flyers and distributed them all over Tempe. See, I had you figured out early. While everyone else just talked about you, I gave you life. That's why our bond is so deep.

Oh, and I needed you, too. You saved my life. Without you, there'd be no real estate, no surviving the loneliness, and no ending the cycle of abuse. Remember how my dad would try to break us up? "I just don't see how it's going to work out." But we stuck together.

Remember selling books at WonderCon in Portland? That trip was insane! Wiley's open mic and sleeping in the hostel, oh, and then sleeping the last night in the airport, just to save money. I found a photo from backstage at the Clown Room.

But now, um, I think it'd be best if we let our relationship evolve.

I'm an adult and I'm behind socially. Wait, wait, that came out wrong. That's not what I meant.

It's just that I've literally spent my whole life with you. I'm creatively fulfilled.

I need to take the unique experiences and skills that I've gained because of you...and give them to the world, and in turn, make money. Yes. I'm going to place making money over creative fulfillment...just for a little bit.

See, yesterday, I did a lunch and learn at my old real estate office. "Increasing Sales Through Self-Discovery" was the title. Well, I changed from that experience. "I've changed," I know, so trite, right?

I caught a glimpse what it was like to be a speaker/author guy. The audience's initial skepticism then winning them over, the questions afterward, less people showing up than expected, the organizer using it as a discussion, and most importantly, how my creative output can help others.

We've gone down many roads together, but I think the one we're on now is how the universe wants it, and I need to go to the next level without worrying about how my creativity will react or be judged.

You're going to attach your beauty onto someone else and save their life. You'll be the anchor for their self-regulation and their life raft through periods of growth And I'll always be around to attest to your benefits.

I have to give the world products (yes, products, not projects) that will allow a grandma and a grandson to bond, but to do that, I need to move on...alone. I need freedom from the pressures of originality in order to allow the sum of what we've created to flow into commerce farther than it ever has before.

I love you as much as a human being can love an energy force and now I surrender.

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