Being lower middle class

Growing up lower middle class is one of the most advantageous feelings and mindsets a person can experience.

If you come from a well-to-do family of lawyers and doctors the stakes are going to be high. Not living up to your family's status could be a life-long weight on your shoulders.

I have no comprehension of what it'd be like to tell your high-status father you want to be an artist, but I imagine it'd be a life-changing event.

Conversely, if your dad drives a dump truck and your mom works in a factory, any achievement you tackle past that is going to be a success.

Success breeds success.

Not to mention, surviving lower middle class life, and not slipping into poverty, requires good values. Valuing hard work, managing money, checking prices, wearing old clothes, and being resourceful, not only keeps a working class person's head above water, but they pay off in a big way throughout life. Holla.

I used to dislike middle upper class people. I still have to do my best not to stereotype them in my mind as annoying. (whiny voice) "Uh, my coffee doesn't have enough soy milk. No, let's not get pizza. I had it two weeks ago. In college, I learned this..."

Shut up.

My last therapist just happened to graduate from Wellesley. "Oh shit. Really?" I quipped when she told me. "Hillary Clinton went there, right?"

Her status helped me.

I learned that even though middle upper class people may go to fancy colleges, their lives aren't perfect. Along with a high chance of being annoying ("Uh, my steak wasn't cooked all the way through.")—okay, I'll stop—the life skills to make changes and take risks may not come as naturally to them, forcing them to experience only one status for life.

A lower middle class person can take a risk here and there because, well, what do they have to lose? Holla.

Not to mention, people who grow up lower middle class may get a glimpse of abuse and learn the repercussions of those habits at a young age. There may be little warning signs to the kids of higher class people.

Past the pain of missing out, which diminishes and is probably self-inflicted, there are very few cons to being lower middle class and trying to improve yourself. People are actually pretty accepting, and despite any of my irrational fears, no one shouts, "Get out of here, you working class scum!" Except, of course, the people who are clinging to their status due to fear. They don't like our scrappiness. Man, how I want to stunt in their faces. But I do my best not to. Setting a classy example is the best thing I can do. "Hi, I'm Brandon. Nice to meet you."

If poor is a state of mind and being broke is temporary, being lower middle class holds the seeds to some qualities that can take you a long way.

Get at me.

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