What success really is

"Do this and you'll be successful."

"Do that and you'll be successful."

"Click here for the secrets to success."

But we know the truth.

Success is really hard.

Why though? Because success is your brain changing.

Majority of successful people went through a period of pure hell before they made it. What was that period of hell about?

That's when they were in so much psychological and emotional pain that their brain let go of any false beliefs, stale emotions, and anything no longer needed.

That period is so painful your brain will scream for change just to get out of that place.

During that time, I believe, the brain actually changes. Maybe more neurons connect, maybe some grey matter grows. I don't that much about the science of it yet.

But something inside your brain will be so happy to get out of where it's at, it'll connect to something new. And if you're in that action-taking phase, that new connection will be the origin of success.

Why is this important?

We live in a "let's just say what it is" era. No more delusion, no more sugar coating. We live in a transparent era where have to take things head on. And taking things head on, although painful in the short-term, is where change (or brain changes) takes (take) place.

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