The final cover and emotions

Here it is:

Kate's final edits are implemented. I'll obsess over it until next Wednesday then send it to the printers.

It'll be ready for your hands June 1st.

I know I'll get asked about the title. Entrepreneurs go through a self-discovery process. But why should that self-discovery knowledge be confined to a small group of people?

Well, it's not anymore. Now, it's for you.

A natural dopamine bomb just dropped on my brain.

Lots of cool features in the book. The table of contents is set up as "Problems and Solutions" where you get an answer to some of life's questions (What should I do with my life?) followed by page numbers leading to a deeper answer.

Larry chimes in to make the material more practical. He also adds action steps and summaries.

There's a small storyline of fiction weaved throughout the book in the form of scrapbook-style memorabilia from Larry's journey. A flyer from a venture he started, a police report from when he....well, I don't want to give it away!

I have a lot of emotions about releasing this book, but after spending a year writing about the emotional journey of

self-discovery, I don't feel like talking about emotional stuff...but, fine, I will. Sorry, I'm really emotional right now. It's 4:06 am and I'm eating saltines and peanut butter.

Dreams can come true if you work really hard, persevere, remodel your psychology, remove blocks, and avoid problems.

But why do some people get to achieve their dreams? Well, because they have the ingredients to do so.

Having written this book, I can now ponder, was it worth? (with the reward being the internal fulfillment because we don't know if there'll be commercial success)

So, was the failure, the embarrassment, and the financial mess I put myself in worth it? Was quitting my job, leaving my apartment, and selling my car all within 2 weeks, only to live on crazy Karen's couch for 9 months with my dirty friend Edgar, worth it? Was spending 7 years in real estate then quitting to become a 33-year-old busboy (as the first step in remodeling my life) worth it? Was going years without dating and not being parallel to my peers since high school worth it? Was selling books door-to-door worth it? Was being laughed at, doubted, and looked at as crazy worth it? Was the extremely painful self-discovery process worth it? Was therapy twice a month for two-and-a-half years worth it? Was divorcing myself from toxic family members, including my dad, worth it? Was pouring everything I have financially, psychologically, emotionally, and creatively into, not only this project but all the ones before it, worth it?

Yes. Yes, it was. My music is out of me. Something I created from my true efforts is going to help other human beings. My self-worth has raised. Every bite of food, night of peaceful sleep, and bill paid on time is more pleasurable than before.

How do you get the ingredients to achieve your dreams? If you know that you'll sell your car, live on a couch, and put everything you own on the line to bring the love you feel in your heart to the world, the ingredients will gladly swarm into your life.

While talent, skill, and birthright may not be fair, this formula is.

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