Book-making Week 2 is dedicated to...

After a 2-week hiatus due to a field trip and career day, I'm back at Mission Montessori, making books with Elyse, Bella, and Sam.

This past Friday, we laid out our books in InDesign and designed our covers. The girls were quick to learn some graphic design techniques and it was cool to watch them express their individuality in the form of fonts and colors.

After we learned a few new skills, one of them asked, "Can we dedicate our books to someone?"

"Sure! Let's lay out a text box and write our dedications."

The girls dedicated their books to each other, their friends, AND someone who had recently made them mad!

"I'm dedicating mine to Sam, Bella, and this lady at an art show who said my dog isn't a real Pug. He is whatever he wants to be, you mean lady."

It was so cute to watch them dedicate their books to someone who upset them.

It brought me back to the feeling we've all had when we first start a new path. "I'll show you! I'm going to make it big!"

Who didn't have those thoughts at one time?

But then we go on life's journey and realize that love and benefiting others is a far more valuable source of motivation than revenge.

But there's absolutely nothing wrong with that beginning energy being, "I'll show you!" That energy gets you going then eventually changes.

"Are you reading this, Dad? See how far I've come. Actually, I don't care because I'm a better person now."

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