The greatest feeling ever

Is the first bite of a chocolate-covered strawberry the greatest feeling a human can experience?

Or is it a nice back massage? A nice hand massage, while your feet are soaking in one of those foot massagers feels great! What about a weekend retreat where all you do is sleep, lay in a mud bath, get facials, get your back cracked, and eat salmon? Is that the best feeling ever? Nope.

A feeling greater than all that is the release of an emotional block. Overcoming some stale, limiting thought you had and saying, "Maybe I'm not that." That feeling of those mental chains breaking is the purest and most natural flood of endorphins a human can experience.

Why is unclogging an emotional hairball better than food, sleep, or, you know, that other pleasurable thing humans do?

Because overcoming an emotional block is earned. Food, sleep, and sex are mandatory. Action is how emotional blocks release and action can't be faked or bought. The high from the release of an emotional block represents you doing the work to change yourself. Let me repeat. The pleasure from the release of an emotional block represents YOU DOING the work to change yourself.

Once the emotional block releases you'll see the results of your action, but I think the release feels better than the external rewards.

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