Update on Book. Life with Minimal Facebook.

I got the last edits back from Kate, the editor, today. Her deep editing makes me sound like a real author. I call her Kate the Great in my mind.

Implementing her edits will keep me busy through the weekend then she'll give it a once-over next week. After that, the printers!

It's changed a lot, so here's the most current cover:

So many mixed feelings. Part of me didn't want it to take this long, part of me is sad it's over, part of me just wants it in your hands. But whatever, it's good and it's going to help people!

Today is like Day 4 or 5 of only using Facebook on a limited basis. I'm down to brief checks and messaging only. Oh, and I share some blog posts there. I know, I know!

My brain feels better when my dopamine isn't being controlled by the addictive demon known as Facebook. The impulse to mindlessly check something is dying.

You know what else? I feel better. I'm more excited about real- life relationships. I'm happier with what I have. My focus on important things like exercise and writing is tighter. I've been reading more. I went on a fun and engaging social outing the other day. I have to admit, life is better with less Facebook.

I have a presenting gig next Thursday at noon. Arizona Artisans Collective, 132 E. 6th Street in Tempe. I have my presentation ready, but I have no idea what it's going to be like. Feel free to come!

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