Resourceful vs. Cheap

"You drive an old, beat-up car. You're cheap!" No, I'm resourceful. There's a difference.

Being cheap is not paying your fair share. When one person sneakily pays less when you and your friends order pizza, but has the same number of slices, they're trying to get what they want without paying for it.

When a person properly manages and gets the highest and best use of something valuable, they're being resourceful.

Being cheap comes from an emotional state known as scarcity, or the belief that there'll never be enough. A person in scarcity thinks there will always be more problems than solutions so they should fearfully cling to anything of value.

A resourceful person looks for creative ways to solve problems, connect things that weren't connected before, and make valuable things last as long as possible.

The resourceful person properly uses a resource, like creativity, and makes more with less, preserves any external resources, and literally becomes full of resources!

Resourcefulness comes from a state of abundance.

A person in a mindset of abundance deeply believes there will always be enough and that problems can always be solved.

Abundant people are in the flow of any shared resources coming back to them.

Since abundance is an emotional state and thoughts can influence emotions, changing your thoughts is a great way to begin going from scarcity to abundance.

Thinking that you have what it takes to solve problems and that resources are everywhere—ready and willing to be used by you in their highest and best form—is a great way to become more abundant!

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