Life Map into a Book

This past week, I stopped into Mission Montessori where 7th and 8th graders shared their life maps.

The project consisted of students turning the photos and events of their past into a map and defining the most exciting and challenging moments of their lives so far.

I thought the project was so cool! Understanding your past and how you got where you are will help you navigate your future. Everyone should make a life map!

I dropped into this event because next week I'll begin teaching a 4-week elective where the students of Mission Montessori will learn how to turn their life map into a book!

We're going to cover writing things like conflicting emotions, climax, and resolution, but also entrepreneurial things like

sales price, cost of goods, and profit.

I'm so excited to put together the classes and help youngsters learn how to turn something from their lives into something that could benefit another person!


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