How does anyone do anything cool?

You could come up with an invention that would instantly change society. Something like a cancer-curing pill, a way to help people change without any emotional pain, or an app that tells us what others are thinking.

You could pitch your idea to Bill Gates. He could listen, review your prototype, and say, "Looks great. Hope it works out for you." You could leave the meeting disappointed that Mr. Gates didn't tell you how to bring your society-changing invention to humanity.

Why didn't Bill give you the steps? Because no one knows how to do it. No one knows the step-by-step journey of bringing your idea to life.

You could have the spark, the drive, the prototype, the connections, and the money, but there is no book already written about your life where you can look up the steps.

So what do you do? All you have to do as the human being is take the first step. Once you take the first step and prove to the universe that you're serious, the universe will reveal to you the next step. Once that step is revealed to you, take it, and so on.

The universe is all the loving energy of the world and will be your fair and caring guide through the process. All you have to do is trust it and take the steps.

The universe communicates to you through your intuition. Your intuition communicates to you through your gut feeling and subconscious mind.

Admitting you don't know how to bring your idea to life and looking to the universe for answers provides you more certainty than going a socially acceptable route and thinking it'll be smooth and problem-free.

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