7 reminders that people aren't thinking about you

Worried about what other people are going to think if you go through a change? Here are 7 things people are thinking about instead of the changes you're going through:

1. Pizza!

If a random stranger has the choice of thinking about you or thinking about pizza, they’re choosing pizza!

2. Dogs!

Humans love to care about that furry, happy-go-lucky creature that jumps around when they walk in the room. “Who’s a good boy?” is rarely followed with, “You know what Sarah is going through?”

3. Pleasure!

You know how you get a tingly feeling when someone massages you, plays with your hair, or even measures you? That tingly experience is called ASMR. There’s a whole community of ASMR videos where people give you those tingly feelings by pretending to massage you, cut your hair, and give you a facial. Way cooler than what a random person is going through!

4. Music!

Music is like a human’s magical juice that motivates them to work out and dance. Changes? What? I can't hear you.

5. The internet!

You know this internet thing? Yeah, I can watch interviews of how the most fascinating people of all time solved bigger problems than the ones you're going through. No offense, of course.

6. Smoothies!

You can get a drive-through smoothie almost anywhere. The number of flavors makes me forget about my own changes, let alone yours.

7. Great art!

Not only would I choose to read The Sun Also Rises over thinking about your stresses, I’d choose to think about The Sun Also Rises over thinking about your stresses.

But if you are going through a change, the rest of us hope you get through it smoothly, after we get done thinking about these things, of course.

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