7 ways to make yourself more valuable without spending money

1. Listening

People will come out of nowhere to be around you when they find out you'll listen to them. You can actively listen by making facial expressions and interjecting with an authentic, "No way" or "Really?"

No matter who you're talking to, there's probably something that interests you about them when you listen.

2. Developing the ability to cut out a bad habit

Unlike thoughts and emotions, behavior has to change suddenly. There are two things that require behavioral change. 1) Identifying what's blocking you from making the change. This takes internal honesty. 2) Getting over the block. This takes acceptance and the courage to take the block head on because there's a strong chance it's unpleasant.

3. Accepting that brain tension isn't a big deal

You can make your bicep so sore you're unable to raise your arm above your head, but your brain isn't like that. A brain will keep working even when it's fatigued.

Things of value take an exerted effort. Feeling a little tension in the brain and continuing on will only produce valuable results.

4. Doing more things for long-term gain than short-term pleasure

Big success is a result of slow, methodical, boring choices that add up. It's much easier to use our time for short-term pleasure, but short-term pleasure has little return.

The key is to find the fun in the long-term journey. We can do this by producing our own fun from within no matter what we're doing.

5. Putting closure on your reinvention

You're going to change no matter what. The best change comes when you keep your core self intact while embracing the part of your identity that's changing. This is called reinvention.

Once the reinvention process is complete, you can let go of your old identity and everything that comes with it. Doing this throughout your life will make it feel like you've lived 20 lives!

6. Coming from abundance by telling yourself there'll always be enough

A mindset of scarcity makes you interrupt people, makes you eat a lot, and makes you try too hard.

Believing there'll always be enough will produce a calming energy that attracts people.

7. Not caring what other people think

My favorite therapist drilled into me that no one knows what other people are thinking. She was right.

Accepting that you don't know what other people are thinking will prevent you from caring about what other people are thinking and will allow you to take risks and be vulnerable, and that's where the magic happens!

Change from who you had to be to who you really are with the help of Entrepreneurship for the Cool Kids, the reference book on the self-discovery process of going your own path. Authored by Brandon Mullan, the writer of this article.

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