A resourceful use of dating dollars

A man takes a woman to a casual restaurant. They order 2 drinks, an app, and 2 entrees. They talk, laugh, and recharge. $60 later, an okay time was had.

Let's spend the same $60 and stretch out the fun and create a deeper bond.

A couple goes to a pedestrian mall that has boutiques, shops, and a coffee place.

They grab 2 cups of coffee or tea. Money spent? $10.

They walk around the pedestrian mall, brush against each other, and look at stuff.

The female human points out things in the shops and boutiques that she likes. The male human takes mental notes of these items.

They walk around some more, enjoy each others company, then go home.

A few days later, the male human goes back to the mall by himself and buys one, $50-or-less item his lover pointed out.

Money spent? $50.

He brings it to her in a bag and makes her guess which item it is.

She takes some guesses, gets excited, and opens it.

She, of course, loves it.

The fun and excitement is spread over several days, creating more potential for bonding.

Total money spent? $60.

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