Just please, make these 7 things stop

February 28, 2018

Ugh, please, make these 7 things stop: 


1. People asking, "So, what do you do for fun?"

    I don't know. I don't plan out my fun. 


2. People saying, "So, tell me about yourself." 
    No, I don't want to! Ask questions. Be a person. Don't make me    
    monologue my life to you. 


3. Delusion. 
    No one suggested taking away your guns! Please stop saying               this! 


4. People trying to classify your passion as a "hobby," a "job," or a           "career."
     I feel this passion on the inside and I have to do it! That's all I
     know. And for the record, the correct term is vocation. 


5. People with horrible values buying material possessions to gain         social status. 

    Why not fix yourself on the inside first?!


6. The idea that everything has to start on social media. 

    Have you read any books on how things start? Movements

    were around way before the digital boom. Martin Luther King Jr.

    didn't exactly hashtag those people to the Washington              


7. People explaining Bitcoin. 

    I'm really happy you're making money from an online currency, 
    but I don't need it broken down. If I was interested, I'd do



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