The Economics of All or Nothing

This is a current events post.

Why aren't there reasonable gun laws? Well, it's being exposed on a massive scale, that the NRA greatly influences politics. NRA-backed politicians will lose their campaign funding if they oppose the mighty NRA.

Where does the NRA get their money? From their 5 million, passionate, gun-owning members. NRA leaders spew the same things over and over, one of which is, "We're protecting the 2nd Amendment." But they're not. They're protecting gun manufacturers.

Gun manufacturers need all the firearm sales they can get to keep factories open. Even the slightest regulation of a bump stock or a certain type of gun will lower sales and decline production. This is where, "More guns would have prevented this," comes from.

Without the general public buying guns, there's not enough demand to keep all manufacturers in business. Guns aren't something people need to buy all the time and the same people own all the guns. Google "gun manufacturer layoffs" and you'll see multiple articles on declining sales.

To keep the good ol' boys in business, there has to be an opposition to ANY regulation.

What we're seeing is a redistribution of...passion.

For the longest time, the only people passionate about guns were gun owners. The rest of us simply didn't care. Now, millions of non-gun people are interested. Foundations from survivors are popping up and gaining traction quickly, including Moms Demand Action, March for our Lives, The Sandy Hook Promise, and Gabrielle Gifford's organization, making the landscape ripe for change.

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