The world we live in

It's so easy to be frustrated in today's world. But I rarely hear the things I'm frustrated with expressed. I don't think all of these popular things are good!

Does Netflix really need to be this popular? Inventions are supposed to solve problems. Was taking movies back to the video store that hard? There was built-in self-regulation with having to go to the video store, make a selection, and return the videos. Now there's indulgence. Not to mention, less variety!

We live in an era where we have to remind men that coercing women into physical intimacy is wrong? Really? But on that same topic, if we mention that young woman probably shouldn't wear jean shorts so high their glute muscles are exposed, we're hushed?

Remember when someone brought over a pack of printed photos and passed them around the kitchen table and made you look at them? I mean, that eye-rolling event was so incredible we needed to make an app for it, right?

An app where your decorated texts vanish after a few seconds? Want to be a completely different person than the one you present yourself as in the physical world? We got you covered.

Oh, and what would happen if we didn't express our opinions about businesses on Yelp? I mean, the world would probably spiral into chaos. I so needed your opinion of an establishment at the expense of a business owner's life's work before I made that dining choice.

Just because these things are popular doesn't mean they're right. Every time we spend our scarce time doing something pointless, we lose out on doing something more prosperous.

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