Dear Society, please, make it stop!

Dear Society,

Why are there so many messed up people? What went wrong? Do they have fewer neurons or something?

Why is there not more being done to stop these awful tragedies? We could argue all day about guns, but there are other things we can do.

Maybe an awareness program? See a messed up person doing weird stuff with guns and knives. Boom, take action.

Is bulletproof glass still a thing? Could we get some of that going in the schools? How much will that cost? Can we start raising money for that?

Should we begin to measure people's emotional health? Maybe gather the smartest psychological minds and put together a test and a grade that rates how likely a person is to do something terrible.

Could we build something that detects really negative emotional vibrations? Like a sensor that measures human energy? I mean, AI is doing some pretty cool stuff. I don't want to see my car fly until this is solved.

Can smart people speak out? Can wealthy people speak out? Zuckerberg, can you do anything? Mark Cuban, can you help? Please, someone, give us direction so we can get started.

Thank you,


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