What they don't tell you about high achievement

"Go for your dreams."

"Make it happen."

"Find your passion." That stuff is everywhere. It's on memes. Hot girls put it on instagram captions so the pictures don't appear to be about their boobs. The guy who's selling you a social media package on youtube says it with conviction.

But to achieve something worthwhile—to live your dreams—you have to tackle your inner demons.

When you climb that mountain, all your weaknesses, false beliefs, and insecurities are exposed.

The ability to take a hard look at yourself and fix the insecurity you've worked to hide is what separates the

action-takers from the caption-writers. To have success, you have to remove what's preventing you from having success.

But here's the thing: your weaknesses, false beliefs, and insecurities are only exposed to you. There's no scoreboard of your life that we're all watching. No one is thinking about you and no one cares about what you had to get over.

The people benefited from your efforts, even the folks watching on, don't care about your shortcomings.

Instead, a person who puts themselves out there and goes an original path gets respect and becomes a better person.

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