What's the point of going on a long, hard journey?

Why would you want to change your life? Why would anyone want to go down that path? It's long, arduous, and lonely.

Why would someone do it? Passion? Well, kind of, but that's what keeps them going.

Human beings go on journeys to change their social roles.

In Entrepreneurship for the Cool Kids, I define journey as "the action-oriented, self-discovery process where the universe gives you the tools to play a new social role, while having you shed the emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that make up your current social role."

All we're doing in life is playing a social role. Our current social role comes from the decisions that our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors influence us to make.

The only way to change our social role is to rearrange our inner lives.

I can't believe we live in a world of "get-rich-quick" schemes. They're everywhere! So many people fall for them but they never work. I digress.

Money follows emotion. People buy things when they're emotionally moved. The product or service someone buys to be moved has the energy of emotional movement in it. The entrepreneur poured their experiences from being moved into

that product or service. The entrepreneur began by moving or changing themselves.

That's where it began and that's where it always has.

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