"I wish I would've taken more risks."

In this self-improvement CD I used to listen to, the guy, Brian Tracy, said the number one regret of old people is that they played it too safe and didn't take enough risks. I believed it. I mean, things have a way of working out if you're a decent person and make good choices. Therefore, there's no reason, you couldn't wiggle through a risk.

But what is a risk?

A risk is the chance of losing what you have in exchange for the possibility of getting more.

Yeah, we know that, though. What is a risk, really?

A risk is stepping into the unknown with no reference points for certainty.

That's scary. Why would anyone do that?

Because a risk gives you room to grow.

A risk never works out how or when we need it to, but a risk gives you room to grow as long as you keep going.

You take a risk, it doesn't work, but now you have more runway to grow. Sure, you may be (temporarily) lower than when you started, but your ceiling is higher.

The success of any risk is based off how much you grow after you take it!

Frustrated people have no more room to grow because they're not taking new risks.

We're all standing on a platform. That platform represents how we make money. To build a new platform, we have to use our extra time, energy, and resources to build our next platform.

That next platform is never completely sturdy, but when it's somewhat ready, we jump on to it, stabilize it, then build the next one!

The building of the next platform is what makes us come alive!

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