How to communicate with the universe

Are you stuck on a problem? Need to make an important decision? Want to make a life decision and need direction? Ask the universe.

What is the universe? The universe is the combination of your subconscious mind, your gut feeling, and all the loving energy of the world.

How do I ask it? Say, "What should I do about this?" and believe an answer will come into your mind.

How will the universe communicate the answer to me? Through a gut feeling or a subconscious thought.

What's a gut feeling? Your gut feeling feels like a hard, honest feeling in your stomach. Listen to it by being still then thinking about each choice of your decision. If the choice is wrong, your gut will feel wrong. If your choice is right, your gut will feel right.

What's a subconscious mind? Your subconscious mind is your brain’s calm, powerful, and honest computer that works constantly to produce solutions even when you’re not thinking about them.

You know the thoughts you have when you're in the shower or first waking up? That's a subconscious thought. When your conscious mind is calm and still, subconscious thoughts are easily heard. Subconscious thoughts are always right.

What should I do when I have a gut feeling or subconscious thought? Act on it. The more you act on them, the louder they'll become.

But I'm scared. That's normal. The universe loves you and will always protect you when you follow its signals. Feel the fear but do it anyway.

What will happen? You'll go on your individual journey, become fulfilled, and produce something that benefits the world!

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